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Oral Sedation

Listen, we are not going to be coy about it or try to dance around the facts: some of our patients (perhaps even you!) struggle with a severe and profound fear of the dentist. While we aim to be gentle during our procedures, we understand that a dentophobia is a very real and debilitating problem for many of our patients. That is why we here at ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center are pleased to offer oral sedation as an option to our anxious patients. Fear of coming to see us should never prevent you from getting essential dental treatment, and if sedation can help put you at ease, then we are happy to provide it for you.

What is Oral Sedation and How Can it Help?

When we discuss sedation options with our patients, we generally offer one of three types of sedation to them. The three most popular types of sedition include IV (intravenous) sedation, inhaled sedation (such as nitrous oxide or laughing gas), and oral sedation (or pill sedation). Oral sedation is a safe and popular choice for many of our patients. As it is highly regulated by the FDA, the risk of side effects to you are minimal, and it has the advantage of being highly effective, as well.

To prepare for your appointment with oral sedation, we advise that you do not eat for at least eight hours beforehand. We will also ask you to arrive an hour early for your appointment, as it could take an hour before the sedation is fully effective. We do occasionally prescribe a dose for you to take the night before your appointment, as well, to help ensure a proper dose is in your system before we begin.

Oral sedation uses a type of anti-anxiety medications to keep you calm but awake during your procedure, typically a class of medicine called "Benzodiazepine." For our patients who fear needles and are not good candidates for IV sedation, this is a good choice. (Please note that for certain procedures, we may need to administer local anesthetic at the site using a needle. We are careful to ensure you will not feel pain, however.)

After Your Procedure

During your procedure, you will be awake, but you will be groggy. You will be able to respond to questions from us or instructions, but you may find that afterward, you will have some slight amnesia. This is very beneficial to our patients who do not want to have much recollection of their appointment. You will be extremely calm and relaxed, however, reducing the risk of anxiety and stress toward you. After your appointment, it does take a while for the effects of the medicine to wear off. You will need to plan accordingly and bring a friend or partner with you to drive you home afterward. Some of our patients do report feeling a little bit nauseous afterward.

If you have been holding off coming to see us due to your fear of dentists, then you may be a good candidate for oral sedation. To learn more about how we use oral sedatives in our office, or to schedule an appointment at our office, please give us here at ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center a call at Carrollton: (972) 242-7603 or Flower Mound: (972) 434-8050 or Denton: (940) 566-7021 today!
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